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  • Upcoming Webinar: Welcome to the New NGDATA

    NGDATA’s been busy over the past year building out our vision to help companies modernize and transform their customer relationships. We acquired Eccella, a global digital transformation company, expanded our product and support teams, accelerated our partnerships across the full spectrum of digital transformation, and reinvigorated our intelligent customer data platform (CDP) with a new... Read more » […]

  • How Dynamic Customer Optimization Maximizes the Lifetime Value of a Customer (CLV)

    Dynamic optimization is a system widely used in development and machine learning. Using variables and predictive analytics, programs are created to aid in a range of new and developing tech (e.g., unmanned vehicles). As we’ll see, companies are now using dynamic customer optimization to garner predictable profitability and increase the lifetime value of their customers... Read more » […]

  • The Ultimate Data Privacy Guide for Banks and Financial Institutions

    Data privacy has become a hot topic in the news thanks to failures in security and concerns about how companies are using the personal data they collect about their customers or users. Facebook, for instance, faced scrutiny over its handling of consumer data both in the U.S. and in the U.K. Data privacy concerns are particularly... Read more » […]

  • The Human Element: Big Data Needs the Right People and Culture

    It seems everywhere you look these days, you can feel the effect of big data analytics on our culture. From retail operations that offer customers curiously accurate coupons immediately after a purchase; to police departments that use crime statistics to place officers in riskier areas; big data analytics has gone past early adoption and is... Read more » […]

  • The Depths of Data: The Benefits and Challenges of Data Lakes

    The data lake has become a major buzzword in the world of big data. Data advocates initially pitched the idea of a data lake as a solution for all unstructured data – an alternative to the restrictions of a data warehouse. But recently, the concept of the data lake has begun to earn more detractors... Read more » […]

  • Deep dive in the dashboards [Episode #1]: Google Ads

    Happy customers are the beating heart of any company. But who qualifies as a happy customer? Customers that regularly use your product, and are satisfied with the solution? That’s a good start, but I believe there’s more to it. Imagine… Continue reading → The post Deep dive in the dashboards [Episode #1]: Google Ads appeared first on Blog - […]

  • An NGDATA Guide: 3 Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices to Supercharge Your Brand

    Today, the key to retaining customers and outperforming the competition is delivering consistently extraordinary customer experiences. But, outstanding customer experiences are not happy accidents. They require getting to know your customers, creating personalized interactions and being innovative. That’s where your customer experience strategy comes in. Only when you have a solid customer experience strategy in... Read more » […]

  • 50 Must-Have AI Software Tools For Marketers

    The impact of marketing can be felt across most digital platforms. Trying to manage all the content spread out over web, social media, and mobile application outlets can be a challenge for marketers. That’s where AI can help marketing teams keep track of all the information they’re dealing with every day. Each day brings a... Read more » […]

  • Go Further in the Customer Experience with Actionable Intelligence

    Traditional data analytics provide historical data that allows companies to examine past trends and sales peaks, and even to try to determine the factors that influenced these changes. The analysis of data is therefore essential to establish accurate forecasts. However, making assumptions solely on the basis of historical patterns does not allow brands to take... Read more » […]

  • Meet Divitel at IBC 2018

    The post Meet Divitel at IBC 2018 appeared first on Divitel. […]

  • 6 Ways Predictive Data Analytics are Reshaping Marketing

    Predictive Data Analytics is the process of using historical and current data combined with machine learning to forecast certain outcomes. In the marketing world, predictive analytics uses monitoring and reporting to accurately plan strategies and campaigns. For nearly a decade, this type of marketing research has been changing the landscape of how organizations reach and... Read more » […]

  • NGDATA Accepted Into G-Cloud 10 Framework

    NGDATA has announced that it has been accepted into the latest G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 10, as an official provider of Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology. NGDATA’s AI-driven Customer Data Platform has transformed the way organisations understand and engage with customers and prospects. With big data analytics becoming the face of business success, NGDATA’s CDP allows organisations to... Read more » […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY: Yuki, Exact Online & BigQuery connectors and more!

    July is almost over! Although we’re right in the middle of the summer holidays, our product team hasn’t sat still. Instead of talking about the heatwave, let’s talk about the wave of new features that were developed this month!… Continue reading → The post #FeatureFRIYAY: Yuki, Exact Online & BigQuery connectors and more! appeared first on Blog - […]

  • Practical AI for TV and Video Today: An IBC 2018 Workshop

    [gpp_divider type=”dashed” color=”grey”] The post Practical AI for TV and Video Today: An IBC 2018 Workshop appeared first on Divitel. […]

  • 5 Ways AI is Changing Video and TV in 2018

    The post 5 Ways AI is Changing Video and TV in 2018 appeared first on Divitel. […]

  • 13 innovative companies we met during Unbound London

    Together with a delegation of innovative Belgian startups, we were happy to attend the Unbound Live conference in London. A big thanks to Flanders Investment & Trade for inviting to bring some Belgian flavor to the exhibition! Unbound Live is… Continue reading → The post 13 innovative companies we met during Unbound London appeared first on Blog - […]

  • The Belgian municipalities in numbers thanks to Statbel &

    Did you always wish to gain more insights into what’s happening in your municipality? Statbel now makes it possible! The Belgian bureau of statistics launches their brand-new tool: ‘Discover your municipality – The Belgian municipality in numbers’. The Belgian municipalities… Continue reading → The post The Belgian municipalities in numbers thanks to Statbel & appeared first on Blog - […]

  • De belgische gemeenten in cijfers dankzij Statbel &

    Wou jij altijd al meer inzichten in wat er leeft in jouw gemeente? Statbel maakt het vanaf nu mogelijk! Het Belgisch statistiekbureau lanceert een nieuwe tool: ‘Ontdek uw gemeente – De Belgische gemeenten in cijfers‘. De Belgische gemeenten in cijfers… Continue reading → The post De belgische gemeenten in cijfers dankzij Statbel & appeared first on Blog - […]

  • Dashboards 101: an actionable guide for SaaS dashboards

    Hacking your SaaS growth? There are lots of successful models & strategies to fall back on. But every business is different. What works at one company, won’t automatically work at another. So, how to find your winning formula? It’s important… Continue reading → The post Dashboards 101: an actionable guide for SaaS dashboards appeared first on Blog - […]

  • UnifiedPost, leader belge des technologies financières, nomme un PDG pour son activité de paiement “PAY-NXT”

    English / Nederlands  La Hulpe, 29 juin 2018 – UnifiedPost, l’une des principales sociétés fintech du Benelux, a nommé M. Arthur Paijens en tant que PDG de son activité de paiement PAY-NXT. M. Paijens, un banquier devenu entrepreneur, a précédemment co-fondé OneLinQ, une société de technologie financière néerlandaise qui fournit des solutions de paiement, de […] Het bericht UnifiedPost, leader belge des technologies financières, nomme un PDG pour son activité de paiement “PAY-NXT” verscheen eerst op Unifiedpost. […]