Recharge is a Netherlands based company that has built a global one-stop-shop branded payments platform enabling companies/brands to connect to their customers worldwide through a broad selection of digital pre-paid vouchers, remittances, credits, etc. Their platform allows consumers to digitally buy or send credit to spend with their favourite brands and supports those brands in… Read More

Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is a Netherlands based company that develops and markets a Low Code Application Platform (LCAP) enabling tech savvy users -without software programming skills- to develop enterprise grade software applications. Their offering is a cloud-based SaaS platform offering users a visual, highly abstracted and intuitive interface using visual modelling and drag and drop functionality… Read More


Zivver is a Netherlands based company that developed a secure communication platform for e-mail, video- and file sharing. The company’s solution enables data and privacy compliancy and helps to prevent data leaks by avoiding human error (e.g. accidental cc, wrong recipient, etc.), encrypting information against hackers and allowing the user to maintain control over the… Read More


Roamler is revolutionizing the flexible workforce industry by offering a Flexible Technology Enabled BPO platform across Europe with the focus on field tasks. Roamler is answering the call of companies for efficiency with individuals who perform on-demand functions in the field. This helps businesses increase flexibility while simultaneously opening up opportunities for freelancers. Roamler’s marketplace… Read More


Eyesee offers market research technology and services for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the impact of new product launches. Their high-tech tools help to provide more accurate insights in both the explicit and implicit reactions and emotions of respondents in research projects. By aggregating accessible behavioral insights solutions, the company became a one-stop… Read More


Akinon launched the Akinon Commerce Cloud, a Platform as a Service environment that provides retailers with a single operation centre for their omni-channel e-commerce. It allows customers to manage a consistent strategy across all customer touchpoints of their e-commerce operations, both online and in-store. The platform manages multi-channel e-commerce, cross-channel campaigns, products and content, warehouse… Read More

Theo Technologies

THEO Technologies is a Belgium based company, who empowers the world’s leading media and entertainment companies to deliver cutting-edge video services, efficiently and on any device. Their flagship product – THEOplayer – is trusted by leading payTV and OTT service providers, broadcasters as well as Sport and Event organisers worldwide. Delivering top-notch, interactive, and smooth… Read More


Divitel is a multimedia company active as an independent systems, services and solution provider specialized in the European digital video market with broad experience and technical know-how in the fields of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and Internet Protocol TV (iPTV) solutions. The company designs, builds, maintains, monitors and operates the entire technical architecture of video… Read More


NGDATA is a Belgium-based company offering customer intelligence management software and services to track customer profiles and behaviour in real time and to enable more targeted client interactions. The company has developed a proprietary Next Generation ‘Customer Data Platform’ to bring existing Big Data technologies and machine intelligence together and thus to allow big consumer… Read More