Leading European venture capital investor, providing more than just capital.

  • Wiser criteria

    We like our convictions well-educated and our selection criteria are rigorous. We maintain a focused but sufficiently diversified investment approach in areas where our executive team has the necessary operational and investment experience. We also look for opportunities where other investors hesitate to go, refusing pigeonholing that would limit our flexibility.
  • Credible guidance

    Our experienced and complementary team covers both ends of the business spectrum, the financial and the entrepreneurial, the numbers and the boots on the ground. The combination of experience and expertise offers growth companies valuable handles to materialise their goals.
  • Staged investments

    We prefer initial entry-tickets that are complemented by significantly larger follow-on investments, carried out over the long term. Because performance comes with perseverance, and good things come to those who wait.
  • Extensive ecosystem

    We have strong partnerships with various stakeholders in the technology and venture capital ecosystems in Europe. We proudly partner with Pitchdrive, for very early stage investments, and with Tioga Capital Partners, for all things blockchain. In addition, we actively support initiatives like Supernova and The Big Score to connect high potential growth tech companies with industry leading investors.

"We are convinced that a well-diversified portfolio is a better long-term strategy than a narrow focus on one specific technology area."

Investment criteria

In our vetting process, we honour a few simple criteria that lead us to European B2B technology companies with exceptional ambitions — and a plan to match it. Sounds like you?

  • 1. Stage & Sector

    You’re a private, B2B technology company that has earned its stripes: you have a working product, some initial paying customers and a plan for growth in a rapidly growing market. By now, you have sailed well beyond the start-up point and are ready to conquer the world.

  • 2. Mindset

    Everything you have achieved so far can be attributed to the clear vision and entrepreneurial bravado of your team. Together, you demonstrate leadership, integrity, vision, entrepreneurial spirit, character and the risk profile to conquer the world.

  • 3. Geography

    Your company is headquartered in Europe or the United Kingdom. We focus our scope to this region—because that’s where our team’s expertise lies, and because proximity fosters trust. However, we actively support our companies to become successful international leaders.

  • 4. Unique assets

    Your company has something others don’t: you are experts in your field, pioneering with proprietary technology, standing out because of the stellar profiles you’ve pooled. In other words, you have a sustainable competitive advantage in a large and growing market.