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  • How Beeple helps users report easily on their HR data

    Reporting & analytics is more & more becoming a priority within HR. How are HR tech players reacting to this? Learn how Beeple partners with to offer personalized dashboards to their users. The post How Beeple helps users report easily on their HR data appeared first on Blog. […]

  • The Omni-Channel Customer Experience: Be Where Your Customers Are

    Customer expectations have never been higher. We are living in an omni-channeled, constantly-connected and instantly-gratified world where customers want better value out of the brands they choose to do business with. And, in today’s multi-faceted, digital world, the way customers communicate is all-encompassing – email, voice, text, TV, social media, website. There are countless ways... Read more » […]

  • 6 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Banks and Financial Institutions

    Marketing offers a powerful and effective way to tell your story, connect with customers, and provide solutions to answer concerns and fuel their goals. That said, marketing can also be overwhelming; there’s simply so much to understand and seemingly even more to do. Today, great marketing for banks and financial institutions goes far beyond even... Read more » […]

  • Customer Experience is Defined by Relevancy

    We all wear different hats depending on the context. In the world of business, we certainly wear the hats of both customers and marketers. As customers, we know how we want to be treated from a service perspective, and as marketers, we want to market effectively so that our customers continue to come back, do... Read more » […]

  • How integrated dashboards improve the customer-agency relationship at Field & Concept

    Although more & more marketing is happening online, field marketing is still a big thing. Think of those booths in supermarkets that promote a new drink, a new taste of chips,… Or promo teams handing out samples & merchandise for their brand. We paid a visit to Field & Concept, an agency specialized in field marketing […] The post How integrated dashboards improve the customer-agency relationship at Field & Concept appeared first on Blog. […]

  • For the Marketer, By the Marketer

    To deliver contextually relevant customer experiences, you must be able to capture and synthesize customer data on the individual customer-level, and that’s what the martech stack is really missing today. On top of that, the ability to do so in real-time is paramount. So, why not just go to IT? As a marketer, you’re collecting... Read more » […]

  • Banks and Real-Time Personalization

    As customers consume content via the various channels of today’s digital world, something critical is happening—that customer is becoming a significant factor in a company’s distribution or referral program. After all, it’s the customer that ends up referring content on social platforms and word of mouth. It’s critical, therefore, to build a personal relationship with... Read more » […]

  • An NGDATA Publication: Banking on a Customer-Centric Approach to Data for Powerful Results

    Marketers can no longer treat or view customers in aggregate, demographic categories. Making broad offers through fixed channels – once a perfectly acceptable course of action that, if done well, could help organizations keep their customers – now falls far short of what is needed to be an industry leader. You need to see customers... Read more » […]

  • How to choose a WiFi solution

    The post How to choose a WiFi solution appeared first on Divitel. […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY January: currencies, object filters and a new sunburst chart

    One of our new year's resolutions was to develop more kick-ass features, to help you work faster, smarter, and easier in Let's see how we kept up with our resolutions this month. Keep on reading, and find out what's new in! The post #FeatureFRIYAY January: currencies, object filters and a new sunburst chart appeared first on Blog. […]

  • NGDATA Appoints Doug Gross as CEO to Support Future Growth

    Today, we announced the appointment of Doug Gross as Chief Executive Officer. Doug brings more than 30 years’ international experience. He was previously Executive Director of Corporate Banking Solutions at financial services technology specialists FIS Global. Prior to this Doug was CEO of payments technology firm Clear2Pay America, which was bought by FIS Global in... Read more » […]

  • Turning Prospects into Customers, and Customers into Advocates

    Good marketers know what their customers want and expect. Besides having a great product or service, you must be able to engage with customers on their terms. This means interacting with the right experience, at the right time, through the right channel. This customer-centric approach of treating each customer the way they want to be... Read more » […]

  • Build the Best Customer Experience Strategy for Your Brand

    Today, the key to retaining customers and outperforming the competition is delivering consistently extraordinary customer experiences. But, outstanding customer experiences are not happy accidents. They require getting to know your customers, creating personalized interactions and being innovative. Only when you have a solid customer experience strategy in place will you be able to set your... Read more » […]

  • The changing accountancy landscape - moving with trends

    To build the right strategy for your service transformation, it’s important to understand the current accounting environment, and how the landscape has changed over the past decade. […]

  • A Bright Idea for Open Banking

    Ian Matthews looks at the progress of open banking one year on. Whether it’s the War of the Currents or the battle between Betamax and VHS, we all know what happens when two or more players fight it out to have their technology recognised as the global standard: one wins, and the other fades into the... Read more » […]

  • Vandelanotte will build their centralised data hub on Silverfin, further fuelling their growth

    We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Vandelanotte Accountants. Providing forward thinking accountants with the latest technology and creating a centralised data hub has always been our goal; this new supportive partnership will help us further reach our potential.&nbs […]

  • Turn your WiFi blind spot into a business advantage

    The post Turn your WiFi blind spot into a business advantage appeared first on Divitel. […]

  • Infographic: Is HR Tech ready for analytics?

    HR departments are on the lookout for data-driven insights. Has your platform got what it takes to offer the right reporting? Read the infographic. The post Infographic: Is HR Tech ready for analytics? appeared first on Blog. […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY December: looking back at 2018

    It was a hell of a ride. 2018 has been an exciting year at With 2019 around the corner, we feel it’s the perfect moment to look back on the past year together. Our joint challenges, our milestones. Simply put: how we’ve grown together, thanks to all of you! We are thrilled to keep […] The post #FeatureFRIYAY December: looking back at 2018 appeared first on Blog. […]

  • UnifiedPost acquires Leleu Document Services

    UnifiedPost Group strenghtens control over document pri [...] The post UnifiedPost acquires Leleu Document Services appeared first on UnifiedPost. […]