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  • Silverfin wins the Deloitte fast 50 Fintech award

    November 16 2018 - Silverfin has won Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 50 award for the Fintech sector. The award was given based on the company’s percentage of growth in turnover during the last four years. The announcement was made at the Technology Fast 50 Awards Ceremony on 15 November 2018. […]

  • Leading Belgian fintech company UnifiedPost acquires ADM Solutions

    "UnifiedPost strengthens position in financial account [...] The post Leading Belgian fintech company UnifiedPost acquires ADM Solutions appeared first on UnifiedPost. […]

  • From Campaigns to Conversations: Turn your static, manual marketing campaigns into insight-driven, contextual customer interactions

    Conversational marketing is not new, after all brands have been listening to their consumers for years. From focus groups to surveys, customer input has always driven contextual messaging. But context in the age of data and real-time delivery has to be taken to a new level. Audiences expect to be served in their moment of... Read more » […]

  • Don’t Lose Sight of Your Audience on Black Friday

    Despite the madness and chaos often shown on TV for Black Friday, there’s more to a good sale than just crowds. And while 170 million shoppers participated in Black Friday last year, for most businesses, real success on Black Friday rests on one component: knowing your customer. It used to be that the most attention-grabbing... Read more » […]

  • Complex Channel Orchestration Requires the Right Mix for Banks

    More Targeted Messaging Bankers are hungry for more campaigns, across more channels — and with higher precision — in an effort to reach their customers at the optimal time. But doing all this requires the artful navigation of complex data, systems and teams. Not to mention the understanding of how to reach your customer at... Read more » […]

  • An NGDATA Report: The Agile Marketer: Leveraging AI to Power Your Brand’s Customer Experience

    The marketing realm is abuzz with talk of “agile marketing,” a term borrowed from the software development world that represents the desire to do more with less — and faster — but without sacrificing quality or efficacy. The agile marketing process allows you to find, test and implement a series of focused projects related to... Read more » […]

  • Marketing and Analytics: A Powerful Combination to Improve Campaign Efficiency and ROI

    Creating Data That Delivers It’s no secret that data is the secret sauce for marketers. It’s how you accurately measure and monitor campaigns and then demonstrate their value clearly to your executives and stakeholders. And according to Forrester, 78% of firms want to be data driven.1 But data alone doesn’t tell enough of a story... Read more » […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY October: multi-account plugins, undo screenmode sync, and more!

    Discover our new releases in October! You can now connect multiple databases, and multiple accounts from services like Pipedrive, Asana, HubSpot. The post #FeatureFRIYAY October: multi-account plugins, undo screenmode sync, and more! appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Deep Dive in the dashboards [Episode #3]: Practice Ignition

    How are other SaaS adding dashboards to their application? Learn how Practice Ignition approached it, and how they turned it into a revenue driver. The post Deep Dive in the dashboards [Episode #3]: Practice Ignition appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Event Round-up: Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2018

    On October 8, NGDATA attended the Chief Analytics Officer event in Boston, MA, for their Analytics for Financial Services day. The event explored the opportunity that analytics offers to drive innovation in business. Our Marketing Analytics Expert, Chelsea Lawley, presented on Capitalizing on your Customer Intelligence to Deliver Profitable Growth. In her presentation, Chelsea talked... Read more » […]

  • Silverfin Named one of the Fastest-Growing Fintech Startups By CB Insights

    New York, NY, October 22, 2018 -- CB Insights today named Silverfin to the second annual Fintech 250 list, a prestigious group of emerging private companies working on groundbreaking financial technology. […]

  • Our main highlights at SaaStock 2018

    Here's what we, as a scaling SaaS company, learned at SaaStock. Including some promising SaaS companies we met! The post Our main highlights at SaaStock 2018 appeared first on Blog. […]

  • A Deep Dive Into Behavioral Data

    Who Is Your Customer? Data. It’s what we live and die by in the marketing and business world. It’s how we know what our customers want and who they are. But what about what they do? What about their behavior? From search to purchase, what causes them to make certain decisions and end up buying... Read more » […]

  • An NGDATA Report: Use AI to Create the Most Profitable Customer Experience

    What if you could better understand your customers’ needs, behaviors and habits? It’s the Holy Grail that marketers have been searching for since, well, the dawn of marketing. First, it was through focus groups. In an intimate setting, we asked customers directly what they liked and used that data to better target and market our... Read more » […]

  • NGDATA at MarTech East

    NGDATA attended MarTech East last week in Boston. Our Marketing Analytics Expert, Chelsea Lawley, presented a session on “Capitalizing on Your Customer Intelligence to Deliver Superior Marketing Return,” which examined how marketers can leverage real-time customer data through augmented analytics and machine learning models. She talked about the extraction of value from data analytics and how there’s... Read more » […]

  • Serve Your Customer By Getting to Know Them

    This is the final in a 4-part blog series on banking and data maturity and the effect of legacy systems on customer experience. Check out parts 1, 2 and 3. With advances in data analytics and technology solutions, banks are gathering more data about their customers and prospects than ever before. And as a result,... Read more » […]

  • Are you working too many hours? Achieving the right work/life balance

    Many accountants are still working 70-hour weeks in order to cope with the sheer level of client work, administration and practice duties that are experienced by their firm. […]

  • Looking back at IBC 2018

    The post Looking back at IBC 2018 appeared first on Divitel. […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY September: metadata synchronization, a new status page, and more!

    September is ending, life went back to normal again. The summer heat is gradually making way for a fall breeze. To help you overcome those post-summer blues, we’re announcing a whole set of new features! New database features Metadata synchronization As more and more clients are connecting databases to, we’ve done some improvements to […] The post #FeatureFRIYAY September: metadata synchronization, a new status page, and more! appeared first on Blog. […]

  • What we learned at ‘Data Talks’

    Tired but satisfied, we look back at a successful first edition of Data Talks. Read our short recap of the event and get a glimpse of the day! The post What we learned at ‘Data Talks’ appeared first on Blog. […]