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  • How to generate engagement with compelling messages 

    As credit card transactions are falling and lending products are becoming even more important, banks are fighting harder than ever before to remain top of mind and relevant to their customers. In this fight to maintain relationship status and wallet share – especially as an even greater percentage of interactions are digital – personalizing each... Read more » […]

  • What makes digital marketplaces so valuable?

    Although China has put Ants Group IPO on hold, it was on its way to become the biggest stock debut in history, convincing investors around the world. Ant Group is bundling paying, borrowing, and investing, all in one marketplace, accessible by smartphone. It serves around one billion users. This platform was set to raise 34,5 […] The post What makes digital marketplaces so valuable? appeared first on The Glue. […]

  • THEO Technologies enables Swisscom to expand Blue TV to connected TV with THEOplayer

    THEO Technologies enables Swisscom to launch its blue TV streaming service across Connected TVs using its Universal Video Player technology. […]

  • Critical role of data in the development of advisory services

    As Geoffrey Moore, consultant and author of Crossing the Chasm, once said: "Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf and wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway." Today data is big business. 2019 figures from Statista put annual revenue from the global big data market at over $49 billion projected to hit $70 billion by 2022.  During a recent ICAEW video discussion about data analytics, Anthony Sayce, Associate Partner of EY, talked about a store in Silicon Valley called B8ta, which takes data collection to a new level. From the second a customer comes into the store their every move is tracked. This information is fed back to the marketing team who capture and use it to get the best possible insight into each and every customer.B8ta is quite a step up from the world of store loyalty cards and is an excellent example of the potential of Big Data – as well as an indication of the huge volume of data each of us generate as we go about our daily lives.Accountancy firms are no exception - data is the key to their future as well. Applying analytics to big data creates many opportunities for businesses to gain greater insight, predict future outcomes and automate tasks. For the accountancy profession it gives a golden opportunity to deliver greater value through analysis and insight that helps client businesses transform the way they work and achieve greater success. Data (and reporting and analytics) is the key to enabling accountants to expand their offering from compliance and reporting to high-value advisory services. […]

  • Accounting is transforming and Silverfin is at the heart of it

    Natalie Lamb has recently joined Silverfin as CCO. Born and bred in South Africa, she attended the University of Cape Town where she completed an undergraduate degree in Politics and Industrial Psychology and then a post-graduate marketing management degree. She has spent 20 years in the IT sector, ten in B2B SaaS, in various international general management, sales and revenue, pre-sales and services roles across EMEA and APJ. She’s worked with start-ups, and medium and large-scale enterprises across financial services, telco, travel and tourism, retail and government. At Silverfin she’s responsible for the customer lifecycle; sales, client success, partnerships and marketing.There are times in your career, when an opportunity comes along to be part of a business that is genuinely transforming an industry and making an impact. Silverfin has attracted similar like-minded professionals who all want to be part of making a difference. Silverfin was co-founded by an accountant who was frustrated with the challenges and inefficiencies of his day-to-day work and believed there had to be a better way. Joris partnered up with Tim, a technologist, and together they have taken this vision and translated it into reality. They have established a successful SaaS company that’s delivering on its promise to help accountants be more successful today and show them how technology can be core to their future success.Accountants are looking for technology partners to help them become more efficient and offer more modern ways of working across their business and services. Up to now significant change has been seen in pre-accounting and bookkeeping but it’s time for technology to change the wider accounting profession. It's time to drive improved productivity through data and automation and then accelerate a shift to higher value advisory services powered by data and technology.The opportunity for Silverfin, and its customers, was very evident to me after talking with the team and it brought me back to where it all began for me in a software start-up which had an uncanningly similar mantra and culture, business drive and, most importantly, market opportunity. I may not be an accountant but I could clearly see the opportunity here and so when the chance to work in a company driving change like this came up I couldn't turn it down. There is a lot of talk about digital transformation in accounting, and other industries for that matter, but Silverfin is driving actual change. Customers are putting our technology at the heart of their business strategy. What could be more exciting than that. I am thrilled to join the company at this exciting time as Chief Commercial Officer and I look forward to working with the team and leading our international growth. […]

  • MariaDB SkySQL Takes a Data Security First Approach

    Data security is a guiding principle for MariaDB SkySQL, and all SkySQL databases incorporate features that make them secure by default. […]

  • MariaDB 10.5.8, 10.4.17, and others now available

    MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Server 10.5.8, 10.4.17, 10.3.27, and 10.2.36. See the release notes... Read more » […]

  • 5 lessons from digital transformation of leading accountancy firms

    During Fast Forward Studio we spoke with a broad panel of leading experts within technology, financial services and accounting. In this week’s blog, we’re focusing on our session with leaders in accounting globally - Dawn Marriott (Azets, UK), Jorgen Broothaers (PWC Belgium), Brian Murphy (Deloitte Ireland) and Martin de Bie (216 Accountants, The Netherlands). We talked with them about what they’ve learned from digital transformation at their companies.The lessons they shared with us proved very helpful for firms whose digital transformation is yet to take off and those where it is well underway. All of our speakers were strong advocates of digitisation and put forward the many advantages it offers such as improved compliance; increased flexibility and speed; and a significant improvement in accuracy and efficiency. However, the focus of the session was not so much on if you should start your digital transformation but rather how you should manage it when you do. […]

  • MariaDB 10.5.7, 10.4.16, and others now available

    MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Server 10.5.7, 10.4.16, 10.3.26, 10.2.35, and 10.1.48. See the release... Read more » […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY October: we released the portal, customer-specific CSS overrides, dual axis on combination charts and more!

    New features to this month! Set up a portal to have all your favourite dashboards in one place. Or explore the new dual axis combination chart! The post #FeatureFRIYAY October: we released the portal, customer-specific CSS overrides, dual axis on combination charts and more! appeared first on Blog. […]

  • MariaDB SkySQL Updates for Cloud Data Warehousing and HTAP Topologies

    The newest release of MariaDB SkySQL includes MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.4. ColumnStore is a columnar smart engine used to accomplish... Read more » […]

  • MariaDB SkySQL Adds Clustering for Continuous Availability

    MariaDB SkySQL now includes a clustering option for virtually-synchronous replication and high availability. […]

  • MariaDB SkySQL Adds Distributed SQL with Dynamic Elasticity

    With MariaDB SkySQL distributed SQL, dynamically changing a service's node count is as easy as clicking a button. Adding or decreasing the node count including providing copies for HA and load balancing is done transparently behind the scenes. […]

  • The time for digital transformation is now

    During Fast Forward Studio we spoke to a broad panel of leading experts within technology, financial services and accounting. In this blog, we’ll be focusing on what Joris Van Der Gucht, co-CEO of Silverfin had to say about his vision for the future of accountancy. Having worked as an accountant himself before he co-founded Silverfin, Joris is familiar with the challenges faced by accountancy firms - putting him in the perfect position to offer solutions to how work can be done more effectively and greater value can be offered to clients. […]

  • Silverfin joins forces with accounting tech specialist IBGraf group in Luxembourg

    Silverfin is a leading cloud platform for accounting firms and today it announced an expansion of its international reach to include the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a new partnership with IBGraf group to serve customers there.Olivier Constant, VP Sales Global at Silverfin, explains that: "Silverfin works with many leading players in accounting to serve the technology needs of firms around the world. We are delighted to be working with IBGraf and to bring the benefits of our cloud accounting platform to firms in Luxembourg.&rdquo […]

  • How to accelerate innovation and yet cope with technical debt?

    Beyond any doubt, the pandemic has increased our expectations regarding digital product offerings and services. Banks and insurance companies are not only facing the need for digital acceleration, but as regulated companies they are also facing rising compliance costs.  This, in combination with a difficult market environment, puts margins under pressure … October 2020 -When all the mandatory legal and compliance requirements are planned on the IT road map, very little capacity of the IT department is left to initiate new digital transformation projects, […] The post How to accelerate innovation and yet cope with technical debt? appeared first on The Glue. […]

  • MariaDB SkySQL Expanded Monitoring

    MariaDB SkySQL Monitoring is expanded in this major new update. […]

  • How MariaDB Achieves Global Scale with Xpand

    A new MariaDB storage engine provides distributed SQL and massive scalability with a shared nothing architecture, fully distributed ACID transactions, and strong consistency. […]

  • New Major MariaDB SkySQL Release Increases Versatility and Scalability

    Modern applications require robust data models that span from traditional transactions to business analytics, to complex machine learning and AI... Read more » […]

  • MariaDB Connector/R2DBC now RC

    Connector/R2DBC supports non-blocking, reactive Java programming with MariaDB databases. […]