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  • Benchmark: MariaDB vs MySQL on Commodity Cloud Hardware

    Relative performance benchmark of MariaDB vs MySQL on Amazon AWS EC2 and RDS. […]

  • My MariaDB Playbook

    In celebration of National Online Learning Day, Rob Hedgpeth shares the top resources he relied on to learn about and get started with MariaDB. […]

  • Multi-Tenancy on Dashboard with Auth0

    In a previous blog post we had walked through a number of ways to handle multi-tenancy in Now in this tutorial we will walk through how to configure your dashboard with multi-tenancy based on user information on login, which we manage with Auth0. Before we dive into the specifics, let me give you […] The post Multi-Tenancy on Dashboard with Auth0 appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Speaker spotlight: Q&A with Jorgen Broothaers

    As the countdown to Fast Forward Studio continues, we sat down with Jorgen Broothaers from PwC Belgium to discuss his experience in the accounting profession and what he believes firms must do to remain competitive. Register here for #FFStudio20 to hear more leading accountants share their digital transformation stories.&nbs […]

  • Speaker spotlight: Q&A with Martin De Bie

    Martin de Bie is an innovation advisor at 216, an organisation where data-driven systems form the basis for in-depth financial advice for SMEs. As chair of the digital working group at the EFAA and digitisation expert of the Accountancy Europe SME team, Martin is active in the accounttech movement. We sat down with Martin to discuss his digital transformation journey and the changing role of accountants ahead of Fast Forward Studio. Make sure you register here to find out more. […]

  • Lift and Shift to MariaDB SkySQL

    Follow these simple steps to migrate from an on-prem MariaDB Server deployment to MariaDB's cloud database, SkySQL. […]

  • 3 steps to drive customer-centricity with a CDP

    Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) leverage big data to create competitive advantage As a result of increased competition and rapidly evolving consumer expectations, businesses are under increased pressure to develop the way they target and appeal to customers and in turn, maintain a profitable personal relationship. Now that companies are breaking down their data silos, they... Read more » […]

  • LL-HLS Series: Implementing LL-HLS with ABR, Subtitles, DRM and SSAI

    In our previous blog posts we have discussed a number of different topics regarding Apple’s Low Latency HLS (LL-HLS) such as its main use cases and how to implement and configure it in an end-to-end solution. We also discussed how LL-HLS has evolved, and how those changes have impacted the industry. In this blog we will go more in depth on which challenges this immaturity leads to when implementing LL-HLS in combination with (standard) features such as ABR, subtitles, content protection and server side ad insertion (SSAI). As these capabilities are crucial for a wide range of services as they bring accessibility and have a critical impact on content and monetization options, it is important to be aware of these challenges. […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY: Custom events in more chart types, images in number object and more!

    A good dashboard helps you make better decisions. In other words, you want to be able to take action on your data immediately. This month, we added more features that help you do exactly this, directly within your own dashboard. Discover what’s new in our platform this month! Custom events now available in more chart […] The post #FeatureFRIYAY: Custom events in more chart types, images in number object and more! appeared first on Blog. […]

  • How to support your clients with emergency cash flow planning as they respond to pressures of Covid

    How to support your clients with emergency cash flow planning as they respond to pressures of Covid […]

  • Discover our five inspiring Fast Forward Studio tracks

    For Fast Forward Studio, we’ve put together a spectacular 2.5-hour live show featuring experts in technology and accounting to discuss a broad range of digital transformation topics. We are combining this live show with a series of recorded breakouts to dive deeper into various ideas. These breakouts are divided into 5 tracks where we’ll explore the different stages and technologies that firms need to achieve a successful digital transformation. […]

  • How to build a good SaaS revenue model

    Welcome to the first episode of our new webinar series: Monkey Business! 🐒 In this first episode, we’re curious to learn how to build a good SaaS revenue model, and how to create new streams of income. Every month, Hela Kacem and Nataliia Deineha invite a SaaS leader on their show to discuss their challenges, […] The post How to build a good SaaS revenue model appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Speaker spotlight: Q&A with Brian Murphy

    Brian Murphy is Engagement Lead in Deloitte Ireland’s Consumer & Technology Business Audit department. He works with the firm’s largest family and privately-owned clients but also has experience with public interest entities including PCAOB clients. Brian lectures and presents extensively on a range of topics including audit, financial accounting/reporting and finance on behalf of Chartered Accountants Ireland.  At Fast Forward Studio 2020, Brian will be sharing his own digital transformation journey. Make sure you register here to find out more. […]

  • SaaS Metrics for Beginners

    Know your MRR from your ARR: why are these SaaS metrics crucial to your business? We’ve got it covered! Software companies naturally handle lots of data. Think about your CRM data, marketing campaign measures, and usage stats on your software platform. With so much data, the biggest challenge can be keeping a bird’s eye view […] The post SaaS Metrics for Beginners appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Providing business continuity with Silverfin’s cloud platform

    How Silverfin is helping one firm remain productive and operational during lockdown, and be in a position to offer valuable advice to clients when they need it most. […]

  • Food delivery: hoe blijf je in contact met je online klanten?

    In het huidige klimaat een rendabel restaurant runnen is tegenwoordig onmogelijk zonder een online verkoopkanaal. Door als restaurant verschillende bestelopties te bieden, waaronder thuisbezorging en afhaal, geef je de consument het gemak waar hij zo hard naar op zoek is. Tegelijkertijd kan online maaltijden verkopen je ook hogere inkomsten opleveren, terwijl je ook nog eens de nauwkeurigheid van bestellingen vergroot. […]

  • A closer look at our live show schedule

    At Fast Forward Studio, we want you to get all the tools you need to use technology to achieve your business transformation.We have carefully designed this event to inspire and educate accounting and other financial professionals across the world. Take part in interactive games with the chance to win one of three prizes, learn from the experts on how technology is the future of successful accounting and become part of that change. We hope that you will join us for this spectacular event. […]

  • MariaDB 10.5.5, 10.4.14, and others now available

    MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Server 10.5.5, 10.4.14, 10.3.24, 10.2.33, and 10.1.46. See the release... Read more » […]

  • ABR para un uso más eficiente del ancho de banda [Spanish]

    BitRate indica la velocidad a la que se entrega el contenido de video (o cualquier otro dato). Representa la cantidad de bits por segundo que se transmiten digitalmente a través de una red. La velocidad de la tasa de bits también puede determinar el costo de entrega. En un contexto de video, una tasa de bits más alta generalmente indica una transmisión de mayor calidad. La tasa de bits de video indica la tasa de bits promedio consumida por los reproductores durante la sesión de reproducción. […]

  • 3 reasons to attend our online event Fast Forward Studio

    Fast Forward is an annual event that Silverfin has run for 4 years and this year we’re slightly changing how we do things so that you can learn and be inspired from wherever you are.  We’re passionate about bringing together industry leaders in technology and accounting to share insights on how the profession is changing. Fast Forward is a 2.5 hour live show that will give you all the tools you need to use the change caused by technology to transform your firm and offer clients the valued services that they are demanding. &nbs […]