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  • The time for digital transformation is now

    During Fast Forward Studio we spoke to a broad panel of leading experts within technology, financial services and accounting. In this blog, we’ll be focusing on what Joris Van Der Gucht, co-CEO of Silverfin had to say about his vision for the future of accountancy. Having worked as an accountant himself before he co-founded Silverfin, Joris is familiar with the challenges faced by accountancy firms - putting him in the perfect position to offer solutions to how work can be done more effectively and greater value can be offered to clients. […]

  • Silverfin joins forces with accounting tech specialist IBGraf group in Luxembourg

    Silverfin is a leading cloud platform for accounting firms and today it announced an expansion of its international reach to include the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a new partnership with IBGraf group to serve customers there.Olivier Constant, VP Sales Global at Silverfin, explains that: "Silverfin works with many leading players in accounting to serve the technology needs of firms around the world. We are delighted to be working with IBGraf and to bring the benefits of our cloud accounting platform to firms in Luxembourg.&rdquo […]

  • How to accelerate innovation and yet cope with technical debt?

    Beyond any doubt, the pandemic has increased our expectations regarding digital product offerings and services. Banks and insurance companies are not only facing the need for digital acceleration, but as regulated companies they are also facing rising compliance costs.  This, in combination with a difficult market environment, puts margins under pressure … October 2020 -When all the mandatory legal and compliance requirements are planned on the IT road map, very little capacity of the IT department is left to initiate new digital transformation projects, […] The post How to accelerate innovation and yet cope with technical debt? appeared first on The Glue. […]

  • MariaDB SkySQL Expanded Monitoring

    MariaDB SkySQL Monitoring is expanded in this major new update. […]

  • How MariaDB Achieves Global Scale with Xpand

    A new MariaDB storage engine provides distributed SQL and massive scalability with a shared nothing architecture, fully distributed ACID transactions, and strong consistency. […]

  • New Major MariaDB SkySQL Release Increases Versatility and Scalability

    Modern applications require robust data models that span from traditional transactions to business analytics, to complex machine learning and AI... Read more » […]

  • MariaDB Connector/R2DBC now RC

    Connector/R2DBC supports non-blocking, reactive Java programming with MariaDB databases. […]

  • What can accountants learn from the financial services sector about technology and innovation

    During Fast Forward we spoke to a broad panel of leading voices within technology, financial services and accounting. In this week’s blog, we are focusing on the first session of the event where we spoke with innovators in financial services about the impact of technology. Joining us were Sophie Docx (Cake), Nathalie Vandepeute (Bancontact Payconiq) and Jeroen Lemaire (In the Pocket).All three companies have vast experience in the use of technology to drive innovation and customer service either as a provider of financial services themselves or as a developer for others. Our speakers were in the perfect position to tell us about the meaning of technology in our daily and professional lives as accountants. […]

  • Je horecazaak draaiende houden ten tijde van het coronavirus / COVID-19

    Plaatselijke overheden hebben restaurants, bars en andere bedrijven in de horecasector opnieuw opdracht gegeven om te sluiten, nu de tweede golf van het coronavirus eraan lijkt te komen. Hoe kan de sector in deze moeilijke tijden het hoofd boven water proberen te houden, en hoe kunnen consumenten hun lokale horecabedrijven blijven steunen? […]

  • Maak van je dark kitchen een hyperefficiënte productie-unit

    Een dark kitchen moet een hardcore productiekeuken zijn. Toch, als je het hoofd boven water wil houden. Laat daar geen twijfel over bestaan. &nbs […]

  • Introducing: the Portal

    Create your own reporting portal without writing a single line of code. We're proud to introduce: Portal! The post Introducing: the Portal appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Going Big Screen: Bringing Video to Samsung's Tizen

    As recent as the last few years, online streaming has evolved tremendously. Initially, most streaming happened on desktop devices, but today that is not the case. Today, video streaming is conquering the big screen (Smart TVs). Without a doubt, one of the most notable big screens is Samsung with the Tizen operating system (OS). Based on Conviva’s State of Streaming from 2020 Q2, Samsung accounts for 49% of streaming on Smart TV, leaving other vendors such as LG (23%) and Vizio (11%) in the rearview. Due to the growing popularity, and almost 50M smart Samsung Smart TVs being shipped every year, interest to deploy OTT apps directly on Samsung Smart TVs has risen significantly. While deploying an OTT app on the Tizen operating system is far from complex, there are a number of caveats. In this blog, we will go through the possible approaches to deliver apps and getting video playback as well as shed some light on how to tackle the large set of different devices and the problem with different Tizen versions. &nbs […]

  • Expert observations about the future of accounting and the role of technology

    What we learnt from our experts at Fast Forward Studio On 17 September we had our yearly Fast Forward event for accountants. A live event as usual in Belgium was not an option for obvious reasons but our digital alternative turned out to be equally inspiring. Check it out for yourself here but in the meantime here are just some of the great observations from our experts. […]

  • Create a API Plugin with Air Quality Data

    Alright, so as I am in the process of learning about myself, what better way to learn about plugins than building one. So, in this post I’ll walk through how I built a plugin with an open API. I’ll go up to how I integrated it in a simple web page. I wanted to […] The post Create a API Plugin with Air Quality Data appeared first on Blog. […]

  • We talked to a Partner at MHA Carpenter Box about their shift to being a ‘digital first’ business.

    We talked to Nathan Keeley, a Partner at MHA Carpenter Box based in Sussex about their leadership challenges and why they shifted their business to ‘digital first’.&nbs […]

  • Our logo evolved. Just like our platform.

    About 9 months ago, we said goodbye to our square-orange logo, which had been the face of our company ever since we started 5 years ago. We announced a fresh new branding, inspired by our original logo and everything it stood for. Just like a baby, we’ve been carrying it around for 9 months, and […] The post Our logo evolved. Just like our platform. appeared first on Blog. […]

  • How to expand your SaaS internationally with expats

    This content was featured in our monthly webinar series, Monkey Business. Every month, Hela Kacem and Nataliia Deineha invite a SaaS leader on their show to discuss their challenges, opportunities and creative solutions to grow their SaaS business. As a SaaS founder or enthusiast, you’ll walk out with easy to implement yet powerful ideas to […] The post How to expand your SaaS internationally with expats appeared first on Blog. […]

  • THEO Technologies Highly Commended with HESP in CSI Awards 2020

    Established in 2003 the CSI awards are among the most prestigious and competitive technology awards in the industry, designed to recognise and reward innovation and excellence in the cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, telco, broadband/OTT video, mobile TV and associated sectors. […]

  • MariaDB MaxScale 2.5 Cooperative Monitoring

    With the release of MariaDB MaxScale 2.5, if the primary node in a replication deployment fails, cooperative monitoring can automatically designate a new primary node. […]

  • FeatureFRIYAY September: we added SQL datasets, speedometer chart & Oracle connector

    We've added a bunch of new features to this month! Write your own SQL queries and create database views directly in Or explore our new speedometer chart, Oracle connector and more. The post FeatureFRIYAY September: we added SQL datasets, speedometer chart & Oracle connector appeared first on Blog. […]