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  • A fresh new touch to’s logo & branding!

    Today we say goodbye to our square-shaped, orange logo. We're giving a fresh new touch to our brand with a new logo & branding! The post A fresh new touch to’s logo & branding! appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Hidden data heroes: what business data managers can do for financial services firms

    As a highly-regulated industry, banking has traditionally focused on locking data down and making it secure. But a new breed of digital-first consumers is now challenging financial services organisations to innovate. In the face of fintech start-ups, incumbent banks are racing to complete digital transformation programme to secure future business from these customers. But the... Read more » […]

  • A 2020 ‘perfect vision’ for the financial services sector

    As we come to the end of another interesting year in retail banking, it is time to fish out the crystal ball and predict some of the key trends that will continue (or emerge) in 2020. In An Ideal Husband, Oscar Wilde wrote ‘to expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect’. This may be... Read more » […]

  • 5 developer tools we discovered for you at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin

    Last Wednesday & Thursday, the team landed in Berlin, Germany on the bi-annual TechCrunch Disrupt edition in Europe. The TC editors were so kind to select us as one of their TC Top Picks 🏅 and we had a ton of interesting conversations. Here are 5 start-ups we spotted that are building products to […] The post 5 developer tools we discovered for you at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin appeared first on Blog. […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY December: looking back at 2019

    While 2019 is coming to an end, we’re preparing for new exciting things to come in the new era. We’re looking forward to continue working together with all of you in 2020! The holiday season is the perfect moment for a shout-out to all of our clients & partners: we’d love to thank you for […] The post #FeatureFRIYAY December: looking back at 2019 appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Business analytics won’t spark joy without the right data

    Businesses have a lot to learn from Marie Kondo. The Queen of Decluttering has carved out a lucrative career as an “organising consultant” whose Golden Rule is to keep only the items that “spark joy”. This is great advice for those who have allowed a lifetime’s acquisitions to clutter up their homes, but it’s equally... Read more » […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY November: Angular component for dashboards and more!

    We’ve got some exciting new updates. Need a little break from all those Black Friday deals today? Then read on to discover what’s new in this month! is High Performer on G2 G2 recently published their fall reports on the best embedded business intelligence software. We’re proud to announce is awarded in […] The post #FeatureFRIYAY November: Angular component for dashboards and more! appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Our Take On Slush 2019: 4 Finnish Gems We Met

    It’s a wrap! Last week, headed off to the Nordics to attend the largest startup conference in Europe: Slush in Helsinki. As the conference is gigantic, we met so many people & learned so many interesting things that it’s nearly impossible to share all of it in a single blog post. But of course, […] The post Our Take On Slush 2019: 4 Finnish Gems We Met appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Are we bored of Black Friday? The rise of relevancy among the price wars

    Success on Black Friday rests on one key piece of wisdom: know your customer. Previously, the most attention-grabbing part about Black Friday promotions was time-limited amazing bargains. However, now there are signs that some consumers are getting bored of the price wars. This is leading to a mounting number of returns which are hurting, rather... Read more » […]

  • How Cospecto tackles client-facing reporting with

    Brand consistency & color consistency across all printed labels & packaging are among the biggest marketing challenges for brand owners. We had a chat with Mark Verbist, Co-founder & Business Development Director of Cospecto. He explains how they make smart use of data to improve the printing process, and communication between brands & suppliers. The […] The post How Cospecto tackles client-facing reporting with appeared first on Blog. […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY October: a new connector, integration updates and more!

    With many people out of office for All Saints Day this Friday, we decided to celebrate our #FeatureFRIYAY one day earlier, on the spookiest day of the year: Halloween! 👻🎃 No cobwebs on the platform though! We’ve been working hard on some new updates. Check out what’s new on the platform in this month’s […] The post #FeatureFRIYAY October: a new connector, integration updates and more! appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Analytics For Startups: 6 Steps To A Successful Strategy

    For startups, it’s common sense to rely on data & analytics to make decisions. Probably, you’re already tracking a number of metrics like your ARR, or some usage statistics. As there are countless guides on which metrics to track as a startup, we wanted to approach this article from a different angle. That is, you […] The post Analytics For Startups: 6 Steps To A Successful Strategy appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Stijn Christiaens of Collibra steps into’s Board of Directors

    Leuven, Belgium, 1 October 2019 – Stijn Christiaens, Co-founder and CTO of Collibra, confirmed he will take up the role of Director in the board of embedded analytics platform, the rapidly growing company providing embedded analytics solutions for SaaS applications, today announced the reinforcement of their Board of Directors. After being previously backed […] The post Stijn Christiaens of Collibra steps into’s Board of Directors appeared first on Blog. […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY September: we’ve made your dashboards & integration lightning-fast!

    September is running to an end. With a productive month and an awesome customer event behind us, it’s time to bring you up to speed again on what’s new in the platform. Let’s break the news! Millions of data rows? We made your dashboards lightning-fast! Are you dealing with millions of data rows? Then you […] The post #FeatureFRIYAY September: we’ve made your dashboards & integration lightning-fast! appeared first on Blog. […]

  • Interactive Marketing and the Customer Experience

    Marketers have relied on the traditional tactics of campaign-based marketing for years. Even as technology and changes in the practice have evolved, marketers still use campaigns as the impetus for customer communications. Campaign-based marketing takes a lot of time, effort and money, but doesn’t give you the results deserved for all the work you put... Read more » […]

  • Taking Customer Experience Management to the Next Level

    Brand loyalty is the key to success for data-driven, customer-centric enterprises. However, facilitating and nurturing brand loyalty requires rich, engaging and highly personalized customer experiences. Creating such experiences requires that enterprises are armed with a breadth and depth of customer data. Data analysis software helps enterprises derive valuable insights from data, but often this data... Read more » […]

  • Contextual Relevance and the Customer Experience

    When it comes to generating value out of data, contextual relevance is of the upmost importance. Understanding human behavior, but not being able to apply it to everyday context (such as, where someone is or what their previous actions were in the last hour), is a theoretical exercise that will only allow you to better... Read more » […]

  • The Omni-Channel Customer Experience: Be Where Your Customers Are

    Customer expectations have never been higher. We are living in an omni-channeled, constantly-connected and instantly-gratified world where customers want better value out of the brands they choose to do business with. And, in today’s multi-faceted, digital world, the way customers communicate is all-encompassing – email, voice, text, TV, social media, website. There are countless ways... Read more » […]

  • 6 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Banks and Financial Institutions

    Marketing offers a powerful and effective way to tell your story, connect with customers, and provide solutions to answer concerns and fuel their goals. That said, marketing can also be overwhelming; there’s simply so much to understand and seemingly even more to do. Today, great marketing for banks and financial institutions goes far beyond even... Read more » […]

  • Customer Experience is Defined by Relevancy

    We all wear different hats depending on the context. In the world of business, we certainly wear the hats of both customers and marketers. As customers, we know how we want to be treated from a service perspective, and as marketers, we want to market effectively so that our customers continue to come back, do... Read more » […]