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  • A closer look at our live show schedule

    At Fast Forward Studio, we want you to get all the tools you need to use technology to achieve your business transformation.We have carefully designed this event to inspire and educate accounting and other financial professionals across the world. Take part in interactive games with the chance to win one of three prizes, learn from the experts on how technology is the future of successful accounting and become part of that change. We hope that you will join us for this spectacular event. […]

  • MariaDB 10.5.5, 10.4.14, and others now available

    MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Server 10.5.5, 10.4.14, 10.3.24, 10.2.33, and 10.1.46. See the release... Read more » […]

  • ABR para un uso más eficiente del ancho de banda [Spanish]

    BitRate indica la velocidad a la que se entrega el contenido de video (o cualquier otro dato). Representa la cantidad de bits por segundo que se transmiten digitalmente a través de una red. La velocidad de la tasa de bits también puede determinar el costo de entrega. En un contexto de video, una tasa de bits más alta generalmente indica una transmisión de mayor calidad. La tasa de bits de video indica la tasa de bits promedio consumida por los reproductores durante la sesión de reproducción. […]

  • 3 reasons to attend our online event Fast Forward Studio

    Fast Forward is an annual event that Silverfin has run for 4 years and this year we’re slightly changing how we do things so that you can learn and be inspired from wherever you are.  We’re passionate about bringing together industry leaders in technology and accounting to share insights on how the profession is changing. Fast Forward is a 2.5 hour live show that will give you all the tools you need to use the change caused by technology to transform your firm and offer clients the valued services that they are demanding. &nbs […]

  • #FeatureFRIYAY July: we released version history of dashboards!

    Learn how you can leverage custom events & version history for your integrated dashboards. Read our monthly feature updates in this month's FeatureFRIYAY. […]

  • MariaDB Platform X5: New Tools and Features for Developers

    MariaDB Platform X5 adds new tooling and features that offload development complexity so developers can focus on creating innovation solutions; learn about enhanced SQL, Kafka and Redis support, even more JSON functionality and more. […]

  • MariaDB Platform X5 Includes Support for HashiCorp Vault KMS

    HashiCorp Vault can now be used as the key management system for MariaDB Platform/MariaDB Enterprise Server data-at-rest encryption, covering InnoDB data, Aria data, binary logs and Galera cluster’s GCache. […]

  • Join our online event: Fast Forward Studio

    Join us this year for a fast-paced 2.5 hour live online show exploring the future of accounting, business and technology with expert speakers. Register and you'll get access to a wide range of on-demand sessions too. […]

  • Predict Database Problems Using MariaDB SkySQL Workload Analysis Tool

    We’d all rather prevent problems than react to them. Get to know MariaDB SkySQL's Workload Analysis tool. Standard database monitoring tools are diagnostic and reactive, but Workload Analysis is predictive and preventative – thanks to machine learning. […]

  • Announcing New Updates to MariaDB SkySQL

    MariaDB SkySQL, our customizable, fully managed DBaaS, just received several new enhancements, including support for the latest MariaDB Enterprise Server version (10.5) for distributed SQL with HA, plus the Workload Analysis tool to prevent rather than react to problems. […]

  • Speak the Language: Multi Audio and Language Localisation

    As video streaming rises globally, the challenge is not only to get your content to your viewers’ screens, but also in their language. Only providing your application, audio and subtitles in one language can present a barrier to reach a wider audience, or miss a majority of viewers completely. As a content provider, through Multi Audio and/or Language Localisation, you can give your content the variability it needs to reach audiences who may not speak the language of your content. Giving viewers the ability to change the language of your application, audio and subtitles/Captions instantaneously addresses this. In this blog we discuss the why, how and when of Multi Audio and Language Localisation, as well as how to enable it using our THEOplayer Universal Video Player Solution and its Multi Audio and Localisation features. […]

  • 6 redenen waarom je restaurant een slim kassasysteem nodig heeft

    Wat maakt een restaurant succesvol? In het tijdperk van COVID-19 is dit de vraag bij uitstek voor ondernemers in de restaurantsector. De impact van het Coronavirus op de sector is groot, maar zelfs voor er sprake was van de pandemie, haalde 50% van alle restaurants hun 5de verjaardag niet. De conclusie: het is niet langer voldoende om eten aan te bieden van uitstekende kwaliteit, een optimale service te geven of een innovatief aanbod te hebben. Wie wil overleven, moet inzetten op innovatie. […]

  • Create beautiful data with MariaDB SkySQL and Apache Zeppelin

    See how easy it is to use containers to integrate BI tools with your MariaDB SkySQL database. Here we walk through using Apache Zeppelin to integrate with SkySQL to visualize your data (row-based or column-based) using a variety of tables, graphs and charts. […]

  • MariaDB Adds Xpand for Distributed SQL

    MariaDB Platform X5 takes MariaDB's versatility to another level with a distributed SQL solution via our new Xpand smart engine. Customers now have the option of adding scale via replication and employing a highly available fault-tolerant distributed solution for large-scale workloads. […]

  • MariaDB MaxScale 2.5 Now GA

    MariaDB MaxScale (the advanced database load balancer, proxy, firewall and query router included with MariaDB Platform) has a number of new features: a GUI, a new and improved binlog router, a new HA solution and more. […]

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 with Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5 Now GA

    The newest major release of MariaDB Enterprise Server, version 10.5, delivers increased performance and expanded capabilities: distributed SQL, improved analytics integration and management, and additional security features. […]

  • Introducing MariaDB Platform X5: the any-workload database, now at any scale

    MariaDB Platform X5 introduces scalable transaction processing: distributed SQL. Distributed non-relational (NoSQL) databases abound, but there are very few distributed SQL databases – and none like MariaDB Platform. Learn what sets it apart. […]

  • How Intent Technologies drastically reduced the time to develop analytics

    Discover how SaaS company Intent Technologies drastically reduced the time to develop customer-facing analytics with […]

  • Creating the next best experience with a CDP

    The next best action phrase has been touted for years and has delivered little more than semi-personalized offers for the next product a customer might want to purchase. And after going through painstaking efforts to implement next best action technologies and processes, companies are still struggling with stagnating Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) and Net Promoter... Read more » […]

  • Zo bezorgt Bavet elke klant een onvergetelijke ervaring

    Bavet, dat in 2016 werd opgericht, heeft een duidelijke missie: heerlijke spaghetti serveren aan zoveel mogelijk liefhebbers, en dat in een originele, gemoedelijke en gastvrije setting. De focus ligt daarbij steeds op een eerlijk product, een leuke en persoonlijke klantervaring, en een uitstekende service.&nbs […]