Netherlands, Growth Stage

Roamler is a Crowd Working company based in the Netherlands that wants to revolutionise the flexible workforce industry by offering a Flexible Technology Enabled Business Process Outsourcing platform across Europe with the focus on field tasks. Roamler is answering the call of companies for efficiency with individuals who perform on-demand functions in the field. This helps businesses increase flexibility while simultaneously opening up opportunities for freelancers.

Roamler’s core platform can be deployed in different verticals that see common workflows: small and repeatable tasks, that are geographically dispersed and location-based, and need to be executed in short term. The core of Roamler’s cloud-based platform is set up in a modular way with applications as micro-services and API’s.

Today Roamler is active in 3 verticals: Retail, Tech and Care. Roamler is headquartered in Amsterdam, and has offices in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Turkey.