Theo Technologies
Belgium, Growth Stage

THEO Technologies develops high-end SaaS technologies enabling content providers, publishers, telecom providers and online TV platforms to facilitate and improve the streaming and publishing of their video content in a very complex ecosystem comprised of different networks, devices, operating systems, applications etc.

The company’s flagship product is a universal video player called THEOplayer, which is offered through a software development kit (SDK) that allows companies to stream video on all possible platforms and devices and provide a customer experience that is best-in-class and not impacted by the ecosystem complexity. Apart from building / setting up the video player software, the management and maintainability of this complexity is a core part of the value proposition.

The company also developed a new video streaming protocol for OTT video delivery, HESP (High Efficiency Streaming Protocol), that eliminates bandwidth inefficiencies resulting in significant cost savings and improved user experience of live streaming through reduced latency and startup time.

The company is headquartered in Leuven (BE) and has offices in Singapore, New York and San Francisco.