Netherlands, Growth Stage

Zivver is a Netherlands based company that developed a secure communication platform for e-mail, video- and file sharing.

The company’s solution enables data and privacy compliancy and helps to prevent data leaks by avoiding human error (e.g. accidental cc, wrong recipient, etc.), encrypting information against hackers and allowing the user to maintain control over the information even after it is sent out. The company’s system integrates with different, but familiar communication channels, allowing users to send and receive content over programs such as Outlook, Gmail, etc. or via their proprietary Zivver web platform. Apart from secure e-mail and video communication, the system also allows for secure and compliant sending and sharing of files with sizes that significantly exceed the limits of conventional communication platforms.

The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, established a solid base of reference customers in the Benelux and is now expanding towards the UK and other European countries.