Bert Baeck


Bert is a former Partner of Smartfin and currently is the co-founder and CEO of, a time series data operations software company.


Before that, he was CEO and co-founder of TrendMiner, a successful SaaS IoT/Analytics software company acquired by Software AG in 2018. TrendMiner scaled to 85 employees, with offices in 3 continents, exporting to more than 22 countries in less than 36 months.


Prior to TrendMinder, he gained experience as Sales & Marketing Director at ‘D square’ and as Data Optimisation Manager at Bayer Material Science (now called Covestro).


Bert holds a Master of Science in Computer Sciences and a Master of Science in Micro-Electronics from the University of Ghent.


Board member/observer at Locatee, Roamler, VeraSense and Revend.